Pro-Talk: Breaks, Comets, Mines and More

Pro talk thumbnail mark's fireworks

We like to use a lot of professional terminology when we talk about our fireworks. If you want a backyard show that looks like the pros, you should know some of these terms too! Today we’re going to teach you the technical terms for some of the effects you see in consumer fireworks.

Break: A “break” is the explosion an arial firework makes up in the sky. Each explosion in the image below is a break.

Break gif mark's fireworks

Comet: A bright colored ball of light that rises up into the air out of the launch tube. Comets do not have a break.

Comet gif mark's fireworks

Tail: A tail trails behind an arial shell from the tube as it rises up into the sky. The comets in the image above have gold tails, the break in the image below has a silver tail.

Tail gif mark's fireworks

Mine: A large explosion of effects that comes directly out of the launch tube and sprays upward. This is a “break” that happens inside of the tube. See how the red mines below are shot straight up into the air from the tube? These effects are often seen at concerts and other events that use theatrical fireworks.

Mine image mark's fireworks

Whistling Chaser: A whistling arial that goes up through the air, often in a whirling motion. Usually silver or gold, no colors. See the whistling chasers below in Zombies Attack.

These are just some of the basics today. We wanted to start with these, because there are many different effects within each of these terms. Next week we will talk about the different types of breaks and what to look for in each effect! Make sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out on more Pro Talks!