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Mark’s Fireworks is excited to be in Clarksville Indiana! Mark’s Fireworks has been in the business of selling the highest quality fireworks at the lowest possible prices for more than 19 years (established in 1999).

   From our very first RGS item developed (Kenna’s Choice) to our new 2022 line-up, Mark’s Fireworks takes great pride in the quality and performance of our fireworks. Yearly trips to the factories in China ensure this quality and have given us the opportunity to develop our own brand of fireworks. We maintain a close personal relationship with our distributors and communicate with them on a daily basis. We test thousands of items each trip to eliminate the weak products and further enhance the strong products. In 2022 we EXPANDED  the RGS Brand by adding 3 new brands, The RGS Family Of Brands! Big Dawg, Flame Thrower, and Ruthless are premium fireworks brands that accompany our RGS products nicely!

 When you walk into any of our stores in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois you will be greeted by a Mark’s Fireworks Pyro Specialist! Mark’s team is packed with excellent product knowledge and experience! Mark’s Fireworks Pyro Specialists are dedicated to you having fun but most importantly your safety!

The best choice for fireworks is the Really Good Stuff Brand Fireworks!

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