Fireworks Friday – Bring it On

Ff bring it on mark's fireworks

Bring it On for Firework Friday! This all new for 2019 cake does just that! We have a couple of really solid 500 gram zipper cakes in our line-up, but with both being a little more slower paced we felt we were missing that pizzazz of a zipper that really gets going at the end. You know what I’m talking about, the one that gets everyone cheering as it sprays the sky rapid fire style. So we began hunting for the perfect addition to the zipper line-up, and we found it. Bring it On is just what we were looking for. Top it off with the fact we put two fighting dinosaurs on the label and it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

Bring it On starts off with bright neon colored comets that spray back and fourth through the sky, changing colors with each row. You’ll see red, green, white, and blue and then it repeats each color again. Next, rows of red and green with crackle join in before changing over to white with a sizzling crackle. Then erupts a row of whistling chasers with crackling tails before the rapid fire spray of more colors, crackle, and whistles gets going. Finally you’ll see four HUGE brocade breaks with white strobes, then another four HUGE breaks of red and green crackling palms finishes it off!