Firework Friday – Wait for It…

Ff wait for it mark's fireworks

Happy Firework Friday! Wait for It……no literally, that’s the name of this all new 500-gram cake! We are bringing in yet another buy-one-get-one free 500 gram. This time, you’re getting more shots than you ever have in a buy-one-get-one free cake at 55! We noticed last year that all of our buy-one-get-one free cakes only had 8-12 shots. We wanted to be able to offer our customers much more at a great value. This is another great option for a budget friendly finale cake since it has 55 rapid fire shots in a fan shape with beautiful colors and a great variety.

Wait For It starts off with a five shot fan shape of gold glittering mines to red palms, then more glittering mines to green palms, then beautiful strobing peonies with strobing mines, to a row of brilliant chrysanthemums again with strobing mines. Once we’ve made it through those four rows, it repeats the pattern twice more!

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