Firework Friday! – Naggin Mother-in-Law (2.0)!

Happy Firework Friday!! We’re introducing Naggin Mother-in-Law (2.0)!

We officially retired the original Naggin Mother-in-Law two years ago, but we felt the name was way too good not to use. So we set out to find the perfect 500-gram cake to use it for and boy did we find it!

True to it’s name, this one is noisy! Whistling tails on every shot rise to beautiful breaks of blue and red peonies with strobe. Then you’ll see whistling chasers (a much deeper whistle) rise to crackling bursts, before the whistling tails to red and lemon peonies with strobes start. We pick up the pace after that series of shots! The finale starts with five more whistling chasers to crackling bursts one after the other, followed by five quick red, green and white strobe peonies, finishing with seven whistling chaser tails up to crackling flower breaks all at once!

View the video for Naggin Mother-in-Law HERE!

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