Firework Friday – Kong

Ff kong mark's fireworks

Let’s make some noise for another new for 2019 500-gram value cake, Kong! Kong is the final of the trio of three new angled buy one get one free cakes we are introducing.

We’re very excited about this new buy one get one free cake. Kong has a fantastic display of colors and effects. If you’ve been following our blogs then you know we’ve rolled out some very high quality value cakes, and Kong is king of the pack!

Kong starts off with a beautiful fan of glittering mines to pink comets with gold crackling tails, next you see crackling mines to two huge red and blue peonies with white strobes, then a fan of crackling mines to bright green comets with gold crackling tails, followed by two crackling mines to pink, purple and silver strobing peonies, finishing up with crackling mines to giant red, green and blue crackling flowers.