Firework Friday – Just Looking

We showed you our new item, Money Maker, last week. This week we’re rolling out another of the new trio, Just Looking!

For several years now we have wanted a cake with the crossette effect. We quickly realized it was a very expensive effect to produce in consumer fireworks, and often wasn’t good quality. We felt it wasn’t worth the price to you our customers, and so our search continued a few more years. On our recent trip to China, a new factory we have been working with showed us their crossette, and we were blown away by both the quality and price!

Just Looking starts off with red comets to red crossettes, tri-color peonies of green, purple and yellow with gold strobes, green comets to green crossettes, red and blue peonies with silver strobes, and finishes off with tri-color crackling flowers of pink, purple, and yellow! You’ll be the cool cat on the block with Just Looking!