Firework Friday – Crowd Pleaser

Firework friday crowd pleaser mark's fireworks

With the 2019 season quickly approaching, we are excited to start sharing some of our NEW products! Make sure you follow our Facebook page “Mark’s Fireworks”, where we will be sharing photos or videos of new items every Friday!

Crowd Pleaser is a a 500 gram “super cake” with a duration of one minute and 35 seconds! Last year we brought out our first RGS “super cake” Kessler’s Pick, and it was a HUGE hit! We sold out of Kessler’s Pick in only two days and knew we had to have a sister to it. Thus Crowd Pleaser was born! With Crowd Pleaser you will see beautiful red strobing peonies, fish with blue pearls, pink strobing peonies, whistling chasers to crackle, red palms with crackle, red and blue falling leaves, and HUGE color changing brocades with falling leaves in the center! With the variety of effects and long duration of this cake, it’s like a backyard show all in one box! Crowd Pleaser gets its name honestly, your audience will love it!