Firework Friday – Appetite for Destruction

Screen shot 2019 02 21 at 3. 48. 38 pm mark's fireworks

This week’s Firework Friday feature is a new 200-gram cake! We’re super excited about this one, because it has the pattern and quality of a lot of 500-gram cakes. This is going to be a perfect fit for many families. Because of the price point, we’ll be able to use it in a lot of smaller-budget shows, but it’s also the perfect size for the start of a big show! It’s also not often you see good angles in a 200-gram cake, this will allow our customers to have much more variety when it comes to shot patterns.

Appetite for Destruction is a small fan cake that starts off with pink palms with strobes, then pink crackling flowers (also known as Chrysanthemums if you’ve been following along with our Pro-Talk posts), and then repeats that pattern.