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Firework Friday – Wait for It…

Happy Firework Friday! Wait for It……no literally, that’s the name of this all new 500-gram cake! We are bringing in yet another buy-one-get-one free 500 gram. This time, you’re getting more shots than you ever have in a buy-one-get-one free cake at 55! We noticed last year that all of our buy-one-get-one free cakes only […]

Pro Talk: Story of the Black Widow

We’re going to stray a little from learning today to tell you a story. What makes us different than your average firework store, is that we have our very own brand of products. The RGS Brand stands for The Really Good Stuff, because it has always been our goal to sell high quality products at […]

Firework Friday – Joker’s Wild

Happy Firework Friday!! Today we’re introducing an all new 2″ 500-gram cake. The 2″ cakes are one of our favorites, because they can put off one heck of a break! You may be familiar with some of our classic 2″ 500-gram cakes such as 187, A+, Commercial Grade, and America Strong. One thing all of […]

Pro Talk: Artillery Shells Explained

Last week we talked about the different types of cakes you see in consumer fireworks. Today, we’re going to be talking about artillery shells and what makes them different. We talked about how with a cake, you only have to light one fuse and then multiple shots go up. You might be wondering why anyone […]

Firework Friday – Appetite for Destruction

This week’s Firework Friday feature is a new 200-gram cake! We’re super excited about this one, because it has the pattern and quality of a lot of 500-gram cakes. This is going to be a perfect fit for many families. Because of the price point, we’ll be able to use it in a lot of […]

Pro Talk: Firework Cakes Explained

If you’ve been following along you have now learned about the different types of effects we see in fireworks, so now lets talk about what kinds of fireworks you can see these effects in. First up we’re going to talk about cakes. What is a cake when it comes to fireworks? Are there different types […]

Firework Friday – Wild Ride

Put your hands in the air and scream for this Wild Ride! Introducing yet another 500-gram value cake to our line-up in 2019, the sister cake to House Rivalry! Wild Ride is another buy one get one free cake that’s got a great variety of effects, colors, and shot pattern. We were excited to be […]

Pro-Talk: Different Kinds of Breaks Part 2

    Welcome to another Pro-Talk Monday! Last week we discussed some of the more common types of breaks you see in fireworks. Today we’re going to be learning about the more unique ones! The effects we learn about today can be seen in consumer fireworks, but are much more impressive in professional fireworks (known […]

Firework Friday – House Rivalry

It’s Firework Friday!!! Today we’re introducing you to another BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 500-gram, House Rivalry! One thing we noticed last year about our buy one get one free section, was that many of our cakes had the same amount of shots and shot patterns. There wasn’t a whole lot of variety. Take Peek-A-Boom […]

Pro-Talk: Different Kinds of Breaks Part 1

Last week we talked about the different kinds of effects you see coming from the tube, and also explained what a “break” is. Today we’re going to teach you the different kinds of breaks! There are so many different types, we’re going to divide them into two groups. Our first group, that we’ll learn about […]

Firework Friday – Kong

Let’s make some noise for another new for 2019 500-gram value cake, Kong! Kong is the final of the trio of three new angled buy one get one free cakes we are introducing. We’re very excited about this new buy one get one free cake. Kong has a fantastic display of colors and effects. If […]

Pro-Talk: Breaks, Comets, Mines and More

We like to use a lot of professional terminology when we talk about our fireworks. If you want a backyard show that looks like the pros, you should know some of these terms too! Today we’re going to teach you the technical terms for some of the effects you see in consumer fireworks. Break: A […]