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Firework Friday – Lil’ Truck Load

Happy Firework Friday!! We’re introducing something a little different today, a new assortment!! This is the Lil’ Truck Load assortment that is sure to excite your kiddos this 4th of July! Packed full of fun spinners, poppers, small fountains, and more! Plus, you can keep the cool container after you’re finished for all kinds of […]

Firework Friday! – Cheeky Monkey

It’s Firework Friday!! Say hello to Cheeky Monkey! This little 25-shot 200-Gram cake puts on a very impressive display! You will see gorgeous breaks of red strobes, green strobes, blue peonies, white strobes, and lemon peonies! One of our favorite things about this cake is that lemon peony. It’s such a unique color that you […]

Firework Friday! – Naggin Mother-in-Law (2.0)!

Happy Firework Friday!! We’re introducing Naggin Mother-in-Law (2.0)! We officially retired the original Naggin Mother-in-Law two years ago, but we felt the name was way too good not to use. So we set out to find the perfect 500-gram cake to use it for and boy did we find it! True to it’s name, this […]

Firework Friday!-Serviceman’s Tribute

We’re bringing back a favorite from last year, Firework Friday!! We’ll be introducing NEW 2020 items every Friday! Today’s NEW FOR 2020 item is: Serviceman’s Tribute! This 9-shot 500-gram cake is a heavy hitter with huge booming breaks of pink, red, green and gold. Every other break includes either a beautiful strobe or a crackling […]

China 2020 Fireworks Manufacturing Update

There is a lot going on over in China right now as many know! Between factory explosions, Chinese New Year, and the Coronavirus we can expect a little delay in fireworks manufacturing for 2020. Read below to learn more on how these things might affect your fourth of July! Explosions: In December of 2019 there […]

Firework Friday – American Muscle

Show some muscle for Firework Friday! Today we’re rolling out a brand new 9 shot 3″ cake, American Muscle! Over the past couple of years the 3″ racks have become more and more popular, so we decided it was time to add more to our line-up. On our last trip to China, the factory we […]

Firework Friday – Bright Side

Look on the Bright Side, it’s Firework Friday!! Today we are introducing yet another 500-gram cake that is buy-one-get-one FREE! Bright side is yet again an example of us really getting creative with what we can offer at reasonable buy one get one free prices. The biggest difference between this new cake and the cakes […]

Pro Talk – How to Fuse Cakes Together

Half the fun of fireworks season is getting to light fireworks, the other half is getting to watch them! However, if you’re planning a big backyard show with no empty sky, you’re not going to get to watch much of what you light. You’ll be too preoccupied with getting your next item ready as the […]

Fireworks Friday – Bring it On

Bring it On for Firework Friday! This all new for 2019 cake does just that! We have a couple of really solid 500 gram zipper cakes in our line-up, but with both being a little more slower paced we felt we were missing that pizzazz of a zipper that really gets going at the end. […]

Pro Talk: Different Types of Fuse

When putting together your backyard show this year, there are many different methods of lighting to consider. You can use stakes to spread out and hand light all your cakes, or you can use cinder blocks to brace them and light one at a time. You can also fuse all your cakes together where you […]

Firework Friday – Mayhem

Let’s cause some Mayhem for Firework Friday! This new for 2019 500-gram cake does just that. As we’ve mentioned by now, we really wanted to get more variety into our buy-one-get-one free section this year. We introduced the crossette effect, we introduced some angles, and now we are introducing a sprinkler cake AND whistling chasers! […]

Pro Talk: Safety! Safety! Safety! – It Really is Important!

Did you know, there are thousands of preventable hospital visits each year due to firework related injuries? If you’re reading this blog, chances are you love fireworks! And so do we! But…there is a right way and a wrong way to setting off your backyard displays. Read below to avoid becoming a statistic this 4th […]