The Mark’s Fireworks Story

Mark’s Fireworks is a premier, family-owned fireworks retailer with locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. We have been in the business of selling the highest quality fireworks at the lowest possible prices since 1999!

In order to ensure that we could deliver consistently outstanding products to our customers year after year, we founded our own fireworks brand – The Really Good Stuff Brand Fireworks (RGS) – in 2001. Since then, we have created, designed, tested, and imported each product that carries our logo. As a result, we can be confident that we sell only the highest quality products at the best prices. From the very first RGS item developed (Kenna’s Choice) to our infamous Black Widow Artillery Shells (the first 5” true 60g canister shell in the USA), we take pride in the quality and performance of every item on our shelves.

Head to the RGS website to browse our product line and watch videos!

Black Widow and Kenna's Choice Fireworks